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Wearing A Mask - Best Practices and How To Best Protect Yourself

Since there are many orders for our masks lately, we wanted to be sure that even once you receive our products, that you are wearing them properly and most importantly, continue to use them so that they continue to protect you in the best possible way throughout the duration of the product's lifecycle.

Please note, whether or not your mask is a single-use (disposable) medical mask or a cloth/material re-usable mask, they all have a limited amount of use. For instance, even a re-usable mask that is washed over and over again, may actually have a limited wash-and-reuse lifecycle. When to actually change or dispose of the mask is a matter of observation. For instance, has the shape and size of your mask changed to the extent that it is no longer effective? These are all factors to consider when you've washed your mask every time. Beyond that, there are also other rules-of-thumb when applying or using your mask, as well as how to handle your mask in-between uses.

Below are a few guidelines to ensure the best use of your mask:

Store your mask in a clean storage location

Typically you might just be throwing your mask in various locations when you are not using it, but be aware that if not stored properly, you might actually the hygiene of your mask more than when you were actually wearing it. For instance a purse or backpack may have a number of things that you would have touched that are not properly sanitized and would therefore wipe up against your mask. Putting it in a ziplock bag or sterile bag in between uses may ensure that you are keeping it unexposed to even more germs and bacteria.

Practice Hand Hygiene While Taking Your Mask On and Off

This applies to both re-usable masks and single use masks. Most importantly for re-usable masks, since every time you put the mask on-and-off, you are providing a chance to contaminate the mask if your hands are also contaminated. Therefore be aware of this and make sure your hands are clean or sanitized when putting your mask on, and then when taking it off.

Not All Cloth Masks are Machine Washable

When your mask is ready to be cleaned, and we suggest you do so as often as possible, keep in mind the way that your mask is made. It could easily be damaged if the material is not strong enough to withstand hot temperatures, or machine drying. Be sure to care for your mask according to it's durability. If it has plastic or rubber parts, those should either be removed, better yet, just hand wash it with a little bit of detergent. Hang drying is always your best option to avoid wear and tear.

These are just a few tips on how to handle your masks, but if you are curious to know what type of mask to use or purchase, feel free to write us at our email at info@hygienevillage.com or you can also follow us on our Instagram site here: https://www.instagram.com/hygienevillage/




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