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The Basics of Proper Hygiene and Keeping Yourself Protected

Let's face it, today's viruses and bacteria can cause a variety of issues for our health. We don't think of it every day, but they are everywhere and can come from anything or anyone.

Although we might be aware of all the ways we can contract these bacteria and viruses, the key to preventing and protecting our health is two-fold.

1. Practice Proper Personal Hygiene

Ever notice that person leaving the bathroom and did not wash their hands? We all know we've seen that quite a few times in any given day. In fact, you might be one of those people. The issue here is not even about how clean you might believe you are, but you might also be carrying around bacteria and viruses from things you touched within the bathroom or items before you went to the bathroom. Taking the time to be cautious and just washing your hands takes only a few seconds and it not only protects the health and lives of those around you, but also for yourself.

2. Access to Hygiene products

We don't necessarily need to wear gloves and masks everywhere we go, but keep in in mind that the bare essentials can prevent direct and sometimes indirectly from contracting or spreading bacteria and viruses. The simple act of putting on a mask can protect those around us from potential illnesses such as the flu, common cold, covid-19 (coronavirus), etc...

The above being said, it is important that we don't get overly paranoid about practicing proper hygiene, or covering ourselves unnecessarily, however we can minimize the risks of our own potential and/or existing infections to spread to others. This also works the other way around, but practicing good hygiene with those around us can protect you from their illnesses. Post-pandemic, let's face it, we need to be a lot more responsible, and this is more about being aware and taking the necessary precautions rather than neglecting the dangers of daily exposure to the cause of health issues.

Let us know, in the comments below, what other ways you can best protect and prevent on a daily basis, either with lifestyle or protective accessories. You can also reach us at our email address if you have any questions for recommendations. Or you may also follow us at our Instagram site here:

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