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Electric Ear Nose Hair Trimmer | Easy Clean | Portable

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  • This trimmer has easy to clean blades that are made of high-quality stainless steel

  • It's portable, easy to carry, space-saving, and light-weight

  • The protective cover prevents damage to the outer knife net and nose hair device. The outer knife net is precisely processed without damaging the skin

  • Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly motor, up to 4 months with one AA (alkaline) battery

  • Safe, accurate, and fast

Product Information

Color: silver
Size: 5.2 x1.14 x1.14 inches
Material: ABS+Stainless steel blade
Weight: 50g

Package Includes:1 Nose Hair Trimmer (AA battery not included)

How to use: 

  • Open the bottom cover, insert AA battery, push the button to use; the blade head can be taken off after turning counterclockwise for easy cleaning.

Usage tip:

  • If the nose hair trimmer does not turn on, please try a different battery. Most of the time, it is a battery issue, or clean/reinstall the bladehead.
  • Start the nose hair device outside the nostril when using the device. The effect of entering and exiting the nostril, in a circular motion will provide better results.

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