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Public Transport Handle | Germ-Safe Holding Tool | 5 Pack

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Fed up of holding on the dirty poles and handles on public transportation such as the bus, subway, train, etc.?

You can take this handle anywhere you'd like to go and not worry about all those dirty poles that other people have touched and contaminated with possible viruses, germs or bacteria. 

This handle is made of durable plastic, is suitable for all public transportation vehicles, and can perform functions such as hanging, pulling, pressing and carrying. Thanks to the rubber adhered to the hook part, it prevents slipping and reduces contact in public places.

When sick people sneeze or cough, they cover their mouths with their hands and then touch nearby objects such as door handles and other public handles. This typically leaves those microbes wherever they come into contact with. Repeat contact with these areas will leave those microbes directly on anyone else who touches those same areas leaving people exposed to them and in some cases making them sick.

How to use:
- Please stick the rubber piece inside the hook and press until adhered.
- Can be used for buttons such as in elevators or public transportation.
- Use hook to latch onto most poles on public transportation vehicles.
- The hook may also be used to hold bags so that they are easier on your fingers.


- The hook can carry up to 100 lbs. Please keep away from fire. Should only be used by 1 person per use. Not suitable for children under 12 years of age. Please use as instructed and as described in the instruction manual.

We are not responsible incidents or damages caused by misuse of this product. This product does not guarantee protection from diseases.

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