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Sanimate Ionic Air Purifier

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Few people realize how many infectious germs can be released into the air by just flushing a toilet or using a urinal! An explosion of airborne germs that can coat every surface in a lavatory with fecal clostridium and E. Coli bacteria. Many of these creatures that we breath, eat or touch can result in serious life threatening infection.

Easy installation, just plug it in and for pennies per week this portable air purifier will operate continuously to reduce these airborne pollutants by up to 90%. A mini sanitizing/deodorizing breeze is emitted from the center of the grill. Since it is filter-less, no maintenance is required other than checking periodically that the light is on indicating that dangerous microbial growth and odors are being controlled. It also features a small light to illuminate your way at night.


  • Reduces airborne particles and germs.
  • Silent, filter-less, fan-less, and maintenance free operation.
  • Plug directly to wall outlet in your washroom.
  • Outputs 1.2 trillion negative ions/cubic centimeter.
  • Operates continuously for pennies a month.
  • Built in night light

  • Technical Specs:

    Ion Density: 1.2 trillion ions/cc
    Input Power: 120V AC 2 watts
    Indicator: Ion flow monitor
    Emitter: Solid platinum
    Collector: Gold plated stainless steel
    Size:2.9" x 3.3" x 1.9"
    Weight: 3 ounces
    Color: White


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